Lina Maria Giraldo is a Colombia-born, Boston-based media artist.


She creates screen based, computer generated work using video, photography and data. It incorporates contemporary languages such as video games, repetition, advertising and massiveness. In some of her interactive work the audience has control of the story and the decisions they make. Most of her work involves taking photos or videos of what we consume and collecting data on it. She then re-contextualizes it via animation and composite images.


Lina has exhibited her work in galleries, shows, and public spaces throughout Massachusetts, New York, and her native Colombia. Her work has been covered in media including The Boston Globe, ABC News and WGBH. She was selected to be part of the John F. Kennedy Legacy Gallery in the category of the Arts and has received grants from the Hispanic Scholarship Foundation the St Botolph Foundation, Creative City Grant just to name a few. Recently she produced the interviews of several personalities among them Stephen King, Harry Belafonte, Madeleine Albright and Nancy Pelosi. She’s also producing content for the Art on the marquee LED screen at the Massachusetts Convention Center


Lina Maria conceptualizes her work as a visual poem with and educational purpose. She invites the spectator to stop their busy life and think about how our actions have consequences. We are compulsive to buy, consume and discard. Our trash accumulates and the human imprint in our environment is irreversible. This is why she like to invite the audience to be more conscious of their surroundings. Her experiences as a Colombian immigrant living in the United States, have helped her to understand that the world is only one. This is why her work has focused mainly on environmental issues, immigration and community. It explores the search for a Utopia, a society that is responsible for its consumption and understands its environment. It is a journey of exploration and research of our fragile environment, waste and extinction.


Lina holds a Master of Professional Studies on Interactive Telecommunications (ITP) from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University where she was the recipient of both the Paulette Godard and the Tisch School Scholarships. She was awarded the Tsongas Scholarship at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she majored in Studio of interrelated Media (SIM) with Departmental Honors and Academic Distinction.





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